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Covid-19 | Procedure

Chalet Queen is working, on a daily basis, on standards and protocols, which meet not only the hygiene and safety guidelines, but above all to guarantee the highest safety standards to our guests and to the people who work with us.

Maximum hygiene and safety:

in each area of ​​the hotel, dispensers will be available to customers and collaborators for dispensing hand sanitizing gel.

-Safety devices:
safety devices such as masks and hand sanitizer gel will be available to all guests and contact staff.

-Security manager:
in the structure there will be a person responsible for constantly monitoring the implementation of procedures in terms of the safety of guests and staff. The staff will access the property from a dedicated entrance controlled by a thermoscanner for measuring the temperature.

we will intensify the sanitization procedures (with particular attention to frequently touched objects) and we will integrate the sanitization of the air conditioning with portable equipment, using hydrogen peroxide (germ-killer nebulization).

all our staff are trained following OMS directives so that they can safely carry out their assigned tasks. The social distancing between staff and guests will be respected.

-Recommend to guests:
it is highly recommended to use hand sanitizer gel on and off the property

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